August 05, 2009

Can we learn from a window supplier?

Following on from our post earlier in the week on trusted supplier.

I bought windows for our house last year from a guy called Joe. Joe supplied and fitted the windows and new patio door. He did a great job. He not only delivered on time, but over delivered - he even undertake an after installation review with us.

Since then Joe has secured three pieces of business from our friends. Joe is also the first person we call when we need a recommendation for other service providers. Why am I telling you this? Well the reason is as follows: 8.5 organisations in every 10 fail to measure the affect their solutions, with most fearing post installation reviews.

So back to Joe. Over the past year Joe has become our trusted advisor, we are working on an extension and Joe has been called, he is fitting the windows and new french doors (he knows we are not looking for other quotes) and has provided recommendations for other service providers - all of whom are now working for us.

Moral of the story, Joe's initial on time delivery and post installation review has allowed him to claim the coveted trusted advisor position in our home and in our business, which means more business in the long run, more referrals and a reduced cost of sale.

Food for thought your post sales review is crucial, it can iron out any small problems that maybe lingering and gives you the opportunity to become that trusted advisor.

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