December 26, 2008

Does your sales engine needs a tune up?

Every engine needs a tune up. Otherwise it will gradually lose power, burn more gas, and generate higher emissions.  Even if the increase in performance is as little as just 3%, or 5%, the yearly impact can be very significant. 

So, from time to time an engine will require new spark plugs, a new filter, new oil, etc.  Similarly, the way an organisation sells will require ongoing fine-tuning – adjusting the level of sales activity and its effectiveness. 

Is your sales engine purring softly? Are all cylinders firing? Is it delivering the torque you need?Could it be turbo charged, or even supercharged?

How do you know if your sales engine needs a tune up?

Here are some of the tell-tale signs that you could be getting more miles per gallon from your sales and marketing:

      1. Your market has changed, is slowing or is more competitive

      2. Customers who should be placing repeat orders are not

      3. You are losing deals that you expected to win

      4. More deals are stalled, or ‘in the valley’

      5. It is increasingly difficult to predict what deals will close and when

      6. Buyers are making more decisions when you are not in the room

      7. Prospects see you as a salesperson, rather than a trusted advisor

      8. You could sell more if you were able to get in front of more of the right prospects

      9. Some sales people are underperforming, or sales force turnover is rising

      10. Sales people don’t feel marketing is helping them and you are not sure of its role either

      11. Sales and marketing costs are rising, but value for money is a growing concern

Every sales engine needs periodic fine-tuning, particularly in the context of a changing market environment.

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