December 11, 2008

The most boring presentation of my life

I have just sat through one of the most boring presentations of my life. That started me thinking that most presentations are boring.

Most presenters think what they have to say is inherently interesting – 'afterall I am an expert and you, well you are going to sit there and listen'. Most presenters are more concerned with their slides and their message than with the audience and what it is going to get in return for investing its time and attention.

Boring presentations start boring and rarely get more interesting as they go along. They start with an 'About us' slide – the tell tale sign that the presenter is more concerned about him/herself than the audience.

Like this one it is confused about what it wants to communicate and driven by information laiden powerpoint slides, often read by the presenter.

What else is wrong with this presentation 'there are few pictures and few stories. There are no smiles, no engagement and little connection'.

He looks bored – if you cannot get excited about what you are presenting how am I going to?

Bring it to life – don't lean on the podium, move around a little, use your hands and vary your voice.

And most of all don't read the slides.

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