November 26, 2008

How to double the effectiveness of your sales presentations

What is the most powerful sales tool there is?  What is the most compelling way of dealing with customer objections?  What can more than double the effectiveness of your sales presentation?


The answer of course is letters, or quotes from your satisfied customers. 


Customer recommendations committed to paper are much more credible than anything we might say about our own companies and products.  They provide the customer with social proof (what our peers do is important to us) and tell a story that helps the prospect to fully understand how he/she can benefit from our solution.


Here are some tips on using customer recommendations:


-          Don't be afraid to ask your customers for a letter of recommendation

-          Help the customer by suggesting what he/she might say

-          Focus the letters on key objections you regularly hear from prospects

-          Get them signed and on the customers letterhead

-          Put them in your sales kit (laminated pouches) and show them off

-          Give the customer who writes you a recommendation something in return

-          If the letters are long then highlight the key passages you want your sales prospects to read

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