November 24, 2008

How Architects, Engineers & Others Can Tackle The Slowdown

For more than a decade most architects, engineers and surveyors have had to undertake limited if any business development activity.    For many that means that they have lost this skill.   

Regardless of the market and when it changes the future for most practices will involve a more proactive approach to finding new projects and customers.

However in the meantime there are things that managers in architectural and related practices can do aimed at winning a higher proportion of a smaller number of projects during the down turn and being prepared to take advantage of a market turnaround when it comes.

Most architects, engineers, etc. are rightly cynical about sales and marketing. When we work with professional practices it is not to transform their people into sales people, far from it. That is not what is required. 

What is required is for each person to play a role in telling more of the right people about the projects, skills and awards of their practices. 

Everyday we help professionals to overcome their anxieties and discomfort regarding sales and marketing and to focus on small tasks that they could undertake in order to keep and grow existing clients and attract new ones.  

Inevitably this will generate better results, moreover it puts people back in control of their destiny and feeling better as a result.

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