November 21, 2008

Secrets of the Black Art of Sales

In my travels over the past week I have met with 10 senior managers
all looking to sell more. They want sales now. Nothing new there.

It struck me over the course of these meetings that sales managers and
business owners need to get back to basics; focus on what it is they
have or do that makes a difference to their clients lives and increase
their level of customer/prospect facing activity.

As my old marketing professor used say, "face the customer, listen to
what they are saying and then uncover the personal win your prospect
will get from buying your product/service/solution".

Selling is still the toughest profession in the world. But it is not a
black art. It can be made much easier and less stressful if you
listen, ask the right questions and stay in contact regularly.

John from The ASG Group:

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