November 26, 2008

38 ideas to drive your sales and marketing

What happens when you put heads together around how to drive sales?  Well, here is a good example, the result of just 20 people brainstorming for 30 minutes on the topic - a total of 38 good ideas to boost sales and marketing.  We have grouped them under 4 headings.

Why don't you do the same with your team?   Or else read through this list and see which ones you can apply to your business?    If there are any ideas that are not here, please let us know.

A.      Existing / Past Customers (4 ideas)

1.       Make contact with past customers

2.       Account management – make sure our customers are really satisfied – project reviews with all our clients – re-examine their priorities

3.       Up sell our existing customers

4.       Get referrals from clients / past clients



B.      How to Find Potential New Customers (11 ideas)

5.       Alliances – Co-marketing – Potential Partners

6.       Organise database  / Buy a database list

7.       Memberships , get on the governing board

8.       Contact people we have not dealt with

9.       Make use of all our contacts (people we know)

10.   Direct mail / mail out

11.   Networking – going to events

12.   More golf (networking)

13.   Trade missions – overseas markets

14.   Open day

15.   Telemarketing

16.   Check the newspaper, trade press, etc. for announcements



C.      Increase Profile & Awareness (12 ideas)

  1. Signage at customer suites
  2. Newsletter
  3. Improve our Web site – get more web enquiries
  4. Blogging
  5. Brown bag sessions on U tube
  6. Get client feedback
  7. Advertise
  8. Increase the profile of the firm
  9. Publicize big / past jobs
  10. Get PR – write articles / papers / publish
  11. Tell about our awards
  12. Competitions / Submissions
  13. Talks / presentations


D.      Innovation; New Markets, Products, etc. (8 ideas)

  1. Look at other markets, or sectors
  2. Develop specialized skills in certain areas
  3. Develop new areas of business
  4. Find new projects earlier (pre planning)
  5. Innovate (new products, services, etc.)
  6. Other services
  7. Gather market information
  8. Develop new pricing /payment models
  9. New approach to presentations, tenders, etc.

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