November 25, 2008

Cuting sales calls that 'go nowhere' by 10+%

Our research shows that most companies can increase the effectiveness of their sales meetings, presentations and demos by between 10% and 15% by addressing 8 key areas:

1. Preparation:
Greater planning & pre-qualification of meetings.

2. Proposition:
Communicating benefits in a more compelling manner.

3. Process:
Adopting a more structured / thorough approach
to meetings.

4. People:
Developing more effective ways to build
rapport and trust.

5. Presentation:
Shorter but more effective slide shows.

6. Presenter:
Focus on the sales person's appearance,
enthusiasm & skill.

8. Post meeting:
Systematic follow-up, managed by a SFA/CRM system.

Traditionally the sales person was considered to be the most important factor in the success of any sales meeting. However today's managers place equal if not greater importance on meeting prequalification, the value proposition, the sales process, etc.

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