November 01, 2008

The barriers to generating more appointments

What are the key challenges to generating more appointments? Well, here are the key factors identified by approx. 50 UK sales people and their managers at a workshop I participated in recently:

1. 1. 1. Motivation, discipline and resilience / overcome the fear of rejection

2. 2. 2. High levels of confidence (it is important to come across as such)

3. 3. 3. Having a good list to work from and a system to manage and schedule contact

4. 4. 4. Being well equipped to overcome objections

5. 5. 5. A good opening – got to get their interest in the first 15 seconds

6. 6. 6. How to deal with gatekeepers, no names policy and voice mail

7. 7. 7. Staying in contact so that you are 'on the buyers mind' when the timing is right to buy

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