November 12, 2008

Top 10 Opportunities to Improve Win Rates

Half of sales managers say they can gain further efficiencies in terms
of their sales approach.

This desire is driven by longer sales cycles, the difficulty of
forecasting what deals will close and pressure on win rates.

The Top 10 opportunities identified by managers are:

1. More systematic approach to the management of sales opportunities
(ie. sales process)

2. More structured and interactive approach to needs analysis, with a
focus on implications as well as needs

3. Greater coverage of the buying unit and selling higher generally

4. More systematic pre-qualification earlier and ongoing throughout
the sales cycle

5. Working more closely with the buyer to find solutions to their problems

6. Incrementally building and gauging buyer commitment throughout the
sales process

7. Quantification of business impact and benefits

8. Trial-ballooning price and other aspects of the solution

9. Bi-lateral approach to proposal preparation

10. More systematically building relationships

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