November 21, 2008

Lessons from the man who sold buckets!

I picked up a book on success stories in Irish business last week and
in between my golf and changing nappies I got the chance to read the
chapter on John Concannon from JFC manufacturing. For those of you who
haven't heard of John he was a framer who came up with an idea to link
three buckets together which ultimately got him on the road to develop
a 250 person organisation with €40-45 million turnover (Source That'LL
never work by Gaffney and O' Brien, its worth a read).

I suggest we should take note of John Concannons leaning mindset. It
seems John knew nothing about sales and marketing when he started off
but to his absolute credit he did realise he needed to "educate
himself" in sales if his business was to succeed. In his story he
talks about reading, studying sales and delivering to client
specifications when tackling markets. Sounds simple.

I say we all need a learning mindset don't we.

So how does all this relate to Sales growth. My response if you talk
to the right clients, listen to the client and deliver to their
expectations you increase your chance of success. So for all you sales
managers, sales trainers, managing directors, entrepreneurs a word to
the wise listen more, speak less and deliver exactly what the clients
wants not what you think they want.

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