November 04, 2008

Sales training is not enough!

What type of training do we traditionally provide to sales people? Well here is a list:

- Selling skills
- Presentation skills
- Negotiation skills
- Closing techniques
- Computer skills
- Product knowledge

But, think of the characteristics of top performing sales people:

- Confident
- Driven
- Determined
- Motivated
- Relationship builder
- Good communicator
- Product knowledge
- Contacts & Network
- Sales process

Now, compare the two lists. 80% of training is based on developing knowledge and skills, where as 80% of the characteristics of sales champions are attitude based.

Most training focuses on knowledge and skills, where as to be a top performer is 80% attitude. The implication is that developing sales champions cannot take place in the classroom alone. Hence the important role of coaching in developing top performing sales people.

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