November 21, 2008

Selecting a Telemarketing Agency - Key Questions to Ask

8 out of ten companies say they need help with lead generations.  But, before you engage the services of any lead generation/telemarketing company ask them the following questions:

1. Will they allocate a dedicated resource to your account?

2. Generally how long does it take to access a decision maker?

3. How do they track and record call backs?

4. What do they see as the KSF to a lead generation campaign are? If
they don't say lead generation is about a programme of activity and
ongoing communications then end the conversation

5. Will they run a pilot for 3 months?

6. Can they show you sample qualification information they look for???
The good ones can

7. What are the common objections they get over the phone? Again the
good ones will rattle off an answer to this question.

Lead generation comes in many guises. It requires a system and process
not just a person on the phone making calls.

Your sales team need to be either prospecting, presenting or advancing
sales cycles. If they aren't generating leads you will need to get
them some support. If you do get outside help ask the right questions.

John O' Gorman DirectorAccelerated Sales Growth, sales managment

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