November 25, 2008

Got the Sales Collateral You Need?

Do you have the sales and marketing collateral do you need? If yes, how can you be sure that it does not immediately end up in the prospects bin?

We recommend you use the acronomyn IMPACT to measure the effectiveness of your sales and marketing collateral:

1. Impressive: Does it look as good, if not better than, competitor collateral and create the right impression (i.e. a successful international organisation)?

2. Memorable: Can the message be summarised into a memorable & succinct 'We have done A, B & C, for X, Y
& Z Clients'?

3. Proposition: Does it clearly communicate compelling benefits to the prospect?

4. Action: Does it grab attention, encourage the reader to find out more? Does it educate, or change attitudes?

5. Content: Is the information presented useful? Is it Consistent across your web site, sales presentation, etc.?

6. Tailored: By decision maker level (functional area), vertical, stage of the buying process, event, campaign, etc?

If you don't have something good to send to a customer who enquires, or to leave with a customer you have met, then it will impact on your sales effectiveness. 

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