May 06, 2009

Don’t forget to book your space on twitter, facebook, etc.

Business web sites have started to talk back, reaching out in the hope of building a community from among your customers and prospects. 

Well, that is the aspiration of the next generation of web marketing - web 2.0.  How quickly it will be achieved and how soon all this will have an impact on your revenue figures is open to debate. 

However, take care not to be left behind.  We were aghast today when a luddite like marketing consultant exclaimed ‘I don’t believe in all this blogging and stuff’. 

That is a mistake you don’t want to make which means you have to do some homework to get familiar with the new arsenal of online marketing tools.

Our advice is to do this sooner, rather than later, making sure that you stamp your mark Wordpress / Blogger, Linked-in, Wiki, Facebook and Twitter. 

Just as in the case of a .com domain, set up an account on each of these to make sure that your company’s name or ideal keywords are not lost to somebody else.  Once they are gone, you may not have a change to get them back.

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