May 05, 2009

I Love Recession!

Last week we met several business mentors and advisers who were struggling to stay positive. But one stood out from the crowd by loudly proclaiming ‘I love recession’.

Crazy, well maybe not. As mind guru Tony Robbins would put it, he was reframing the situation so as to empower himself. So, while the mere mention of recession sends most people in to a tail spin of depression, the ‘I love recession’ sales coach is using the term to trigger an altogether different and more empowering set of emotions.

Most conversations about the recession focus on lay-offs, shrinking markets and stalled buying decisions. However, our ‘I love recession coach’ has a very different assessment of selling in a downturn, focusing instead on

· It is a level playing field – even industry giants like GM are feeling the pain, making room for industry upstarts to steal the game.

· There are no rules – in this turbulent market anything goes, you can innovate and rewrite the rules to suit your company.

· It is survival of the fittest – in a Darwinian way the recession will ‘sort the men from the boys’ with those companies who embrace the challenge coming out on top.

You have often heard it said that it is not the reality of the situation that matters, but how you interpret it and more to the point whether that interpretation empowers, or holds you back. Key to changing your attitude, is to reframe the situation in question and ‘I love recession’ is the perfect example.

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