May 07, 2009

It is not the number of hours you work…

I learned with sadness today of the passing of a friend and former colleague who taught me was that ‘it is not the number of hours you work but what you bring to those hours that matters’.

Audrey exhibited unbounded energy and commitment, evident in a tremendous professional drive, as well as a deep personal generosity.  She could rise to any challenge, always putting the ‘best foot forward’ and demonstrating a confident outward glow. 

We have written elsewhere about the importance of intensity, commitment and enthusiasm in sales and how it is often sadly lacking.  Most people pour themselves into their family and their hobbies.  Only a minority truly pour themselves into their jobs.   Audrey did both.

Even more finite than the number of hours in any one day is the amount of ourselves we can give.  That well of enthusiasm and energy at our core is a bounded resource, so it is very important to how we decide to allocate it. 

Even more important than the number of hours in the day is the energy and enthusiasm we can bring to them.   So, if you cannot begin your day with by exclaiming  ‘let me at it’ then either you need to change your attitude, or change your job.  If you cannot let that innate life force that is in you come through your work, then maybe you are doing the wrong thing. 



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