September 28, 2009

Ready for Some 'Quick Win Marketing'

Called QUICK WIN MARKETING by Annmarie Hanlon and published by Oak Tree Press this book is packed with answers to almost every frequently questions on sales and marketing. That includes many questions you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

The book contains a menu of one hundred ideas and tips in respect of all aspects of sales and marketing. That includes the latest marketing buzz words – such as; bluecasting and Google alerts, as well as the latest technologies, such as Youtube and Facebook.

With some many ideas, it is probably not the type of book you want to read from cover to cover. As the ultimate in cheat sheets, just go to the menu and pick the topic, or idea you want and in two pages you will have as concise a summary, or guide as is available, together with some practical suggestions to get started..

Cleverly the books sets out the tools, ideas and questions into 3 parts – launch, grow and revitalize - depending on the stage of development of your business. So, there is something in there for everybody!

It has something for everyone. That in itself is a great achievement. However, I really do believe that just one, or two ideas put to work each week for just 6 months has the potential to revolutionize almost any business. Now, is that quick win enough for you?

As a matter of interest, I picked my top 5 (based on the questions we are asked)

  1. How to find new customers?
  2. How to increase my company’s web ranking so as to generate more business via the web?
  3. How do I use social networking sites (e.g. Linked in) in my business?
  4. How to handle a price renegotiation from my existing customers?
  5. How to hold on to my existing customers in the face of increased competition?

Of course, the answers to all these questions can be found in the book. As an aide however it is interesting to note that today’s top 5 issues is quite considerably different to that of 12, or 16 months ago and no doubt will be quite different in another 12 months time.

One trend that I would suggest is here to stay – the demand for increasingly sophisticated sales and marketing. That again is another reason to buy this book.

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