January 08, 2009

The All Time Top 11 Sales Manager Complaints

There is no question but that the economic slowdown has focused the minds of sales managers, after an almost unparalled 5 years of global growth. 

However, for the last number of years we have been polling managers regarding the challenges facing their sales organisations.  Here is the list - the alltime Top 11 sales manager complaints:  

1.       ‘Buying Cycles Are Longer’

2.       ‘Buying Decisions Are More Complex’

3.       ‘More Deals Are Stalled or Delayed’

4.       ‘Conversion Rates Are Falling’

5.       ‘Forecasting  Accurately is More Difficult’

6.        ‘Sales Targets Are More Ambitious’

7.       ‘Sales & Marketing Costs Are Rising’

8.       ‘Competition is intensifying’

9.       ‘Lead Quality is Falling’

10.    ‘Sales Rep Turnover is Rising’

11.    ‘Access to Senior Executives is limited and getting in the door a problem'

So, how many of these challenges are you facing?

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