January 31, 2009

Do you have a Winning Sales Organization?

Want to get a fix on how your sales team compares with sales organizations internationally?  Are you interested in the top sales challenges and the characteristics of those that are demonstrating the fastest rates of growth?  

Well, Miller Heimann annual study of more than 2000 sales organisations has the answers,profiling some of the key characteristics of winning sales organisations - organisations that enjoy 20% annual growth..

I have interpreted some of the key emphases from the 2008 study, looking in particular to those areas relevant to sales managers in the UK and Ireland (and consistent with our own benchmarking data for sales managers in the British Isles).

Based on the characteristics here are some of the key strategies for winning sales organisations:

1.       Getting Senior Management More Involved in supporting sales and an executive to executive selling

2.       Getting Sales and Marketing Working Better Together

3.       Adopting a more systematic approach to managing sales opportunities

4.       Communicating a More Compelling Sales Proposition

5.       Bridging the performance gap between the best and the poorest sales person

6.       A Comprehensive Plan for Prospecting

7.       Understanding & appreciating the results achieved by customers

8.       Win-loss analysis / feedback

9.       Engage strategic accounts in product / service planning 

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