October 09, 2008

Building your company’s sales credibility

Credibility is an essential ingredient of getting the sale. It is the stuff that buyer confidence is made off.

Credibility isn't a problem if you can point to 70 reference sites, a global brand and a balance sheet of millions. However, for younger companies, being taken seriously can present challenges.

Here are some of the ways you can fast track your credibility and increase your sales ability as a result:

1. Become an expert and specialist – it is hard to credibly be the best at everything, so specialize and build your expertise in a specific area.

2. Ask for and use customer recommendations – put them on the first page of your website.

3. Join an association, or even better get on the council of an association.

4. Start a blog, or join a blog – this is a sure way to build your credentials online.

5. Talk at an event, or seminar – then let everybody know you have done it.

6. Create partnerships – link yourself to others to build your credibility.

7. Add a heavy weight to your board – having a statesman figure as chairman can add serious credibility.

8. Write a book, paper or article – it is easier than it sounds.

9. Create an advisory panel – for example if you sell banking software form banking advisory panel with luminaries from industry.

10. Get an award, or accreditation for yourself, or your business.

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