October 29, 2008

Don’t waste your time selling to people you don’t like!!

Here is a controversial point – don't waste your time selling to
people you don't like!!!

If selling requires building rapport and you can't close the sale
without building a relationship
, then some prospects are never going
to be your customers, or at least your repeatable and referable

Yes, there are the exigencies of being in business and to meet target
you would probably sell to the devil. However, as
you develop your sales approach over longer term the win-win nature of relationships is worth
keeping in mind.

Some customers if they ever buy from you will break your heart when
it comes to service and support. And to get them to the point of
buying you may have to swallow your pride.

If you are going to have to take a deep breath every time you pick up
the phone to a particular prospect
, or feel like you need a therapist
after every meeting with a customer, then think again about the type
of customers you want to be dealing with.

A sales person who conducts himself/herself with professionalism and
respect, deserves the same in return. If a customer or prospect can't
give that, then find somebody else who can appreciate and benefit your

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