October 22, 2008

How to Creat Powerful Customer Success Stories

Customer stories and case studies are the most powerful of sales aides. That is because we are all more likely to believe our counterparts that the claims of a salesperson.

In a review of competitors for a client recently, we were struck by the poor standard of client success stories and case studies.

So, here are the lessons for writing powerful case studies:

1. Keep it short – The best client success stories can be communicated in 1 page, including graphics, both logos and contact details. That is 8-12 sentences, plus main heading and 2/3

Use good headlines – there was nothing to get the reader's attention or to encourage him/her to read on

3. Have a Central Point to Communicate
– one that relates to the central benefit of the suppliers solution, don't try to include everything.

4. Have a story to tell
– most case studies are bland, they have more in common with press releases to announce the signing a customer deal that a story of client success

5. Focus on the business, not the product
– too many case studies focus technical implications as opposed to business impact

6. Use powerful quotes
– keep them short and punchy and put them in large font sizes.

7. Use figures and graphs
– quantifying key benefits makes them more tangible.

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