October 23, 2008

Why I will skip this year’s marketing conference

The list of speakers is impressive and I am sure the buffet food would be good, but I am going to give this year's annual Irish marketing conference.

Looking through the list of speakers and the topics at this year's annual marketing conference on the 5th November in Dublin's Four Seasons Hotel, I am again reminded that marketing of this type is a minority sport.  

That is, it is almost exclusively focused on consumer marketing and aimed at organizations with big advertising and promotions budgets.  While some of my clients may be in the former category, their love affair with traditional marketing is long over.

If I am not going to the event does that mean I am not committed to marketing?  Well, maybe I will show by guarded support by staying at home and re-reading the Marketing Payoff instead. 

Ray Collis, The ASG Group

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