October 21, 2008

Why Most Lead Generation Initiatives Fail

Virtually every manager believes his/her sales team could sell more if they have more and better sales leads. In most organisations lead generation is broken, but who is going to fit it?

We are soon to publish a benchmarking study of sales and marketing by Irish B2B technology companies (70 in total), here are some of the interesting findings with respect to lead generation:

· 88% of sales managers identify sales lead generation as a challenge

· 96% want more sales leads

· 80% say sales people are not spending enough time prospecting

· 63% still rely heavily (if not exclusively) on cold calling

· 61% don't have a plan, target or budget for lead generation

So it seems that, although of vital importance, sales lead generation doesn't get the time, or attention it deserves.

Most lead generation initiatives don't work, more often than not creating tension between marketing and sales.

In fact there it appears, more than almost any other area of sales and marketing, lead generation lacks structure, process and science.

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