February 23, 2009

10 ways to increase the effectiveness of your sales team

Where do managers concerned with improving sales performance turn?  Here are the top 10:

  1. Run a sales campaign (providing the impetus of specific sales campaigns supported by marketing initiatives)

  2. Implement a sales systems (making target lists, sales planning, reporting and administration, as well as marketing much more efficient and allowing metrics regarding activity and effectiveness to be easily tracked across the sales team)

  3. Revise your sales process (pre-qualification, more systematic needs analysis, relationship building, etc.)

  4. Improve your sales structures (incl. incentives, meetings, reviews, etc.)

  5. Providing better leadership and more coaching in the field

  6. Provide sales / marketing / telesales support (including list building, generating awareness/enquiries, appointment setting, etc)

  7. Provide some sales training – building confidence and skill, as well as product and industry knowledge

  8. Segment your market (targeting specific niches or segments in a tailored and effective manner)

  9. Revise your sales materials / collateral (updating tired sales aides, brochures, web pages, etc.)

  10. Revisit your sales proposition (putting a new more compelling angle on the message for the customer)

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