February 17, 2009

Dump them to the side or KIT

For those of you who think selling is about just making calls and pushing your and getting someone to buy and think about the following.

You meet say Mr. x and they don’t buy from you and have no short term intention of buying from you, what do you do? Well 7 out of every ten sales people just push Mr X. to the side and forget about him.

Well I can tell you from personnel expereice recently that those 7 sales people need their heads examined. Mr X may not be in a postion to buy from you know but he may know someone who is and if you keep in touch with him and think of him he is likely to recommend you to his contacts. One of our customers did this recently and they now have a €100,000 opportunity in their pipeline that they wouldnt have had if they just forgot about Mr. X.

Lessons to be learned from this

Adopt a KIT mindset - Keep in touch

If you think of others and send them something of value from time to time they will more than likely refer you to someone who could buy your product or service.

John O’ Gorman - Director of Accelerate Sales Growth, Sales Management, Sales coaching

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