February 01, 2009

Planning A Great Sales Presentation: A checklist

Proposal preparation can often be rushed, or left to the last minute.  However, when it comes to delivering a presentation preparation is everything.  That even applies to the most polished of presenters. 

So, here is a checklist of questions to help you to ensure a great sales presentation:

1.       What is your objective for the presentation?

2.       Who is in the audience?  What size will it be?

3.       What are they expecting?

4.       How much do they know about the topic already?

5.       How cynical, or skeptical will the audience be of  to your message ( What opinions do they have?

6.       What is the message you want to communicate?

7.       How are you going to make it accessible and interesting? 

8.       What stories, anecdotes, or case studies are you going to use?

9.       How much time have you got?

10.   How do you want to be introduced?

11.   What 3 key ideas do you want the audience to talk about you when you leave?

12.   What if any formalities need to be adhered to?

13.   What size is the venue?  What is the seating layout?

14.   What equipment will you have (e.g. audio visual)? 

15.   How much interaction will there be?

16.   How much preparation and practice will be undertaken?  How long will it take?

17.   Will slides be used?  How many?

18.   What set up time will be required on the day?

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