March 01, 2009

Do you really know what your sales people are thinking?

Most managers are reluctant to ask their sales people what they need to succeed.

One manager employed a confidential online questionnaire to find that 65% of his sales team identified lead generation, administrative requirements, customer support and sales collateral as barriers to their success.

Rather than viewing the responses as a series of excuses, the manager seized the opportunity to drive sales forward.

The result was a number of quit pro quo commitments by the manager, including specific actions to generate more leads, create new collateral, etc.

In return the sales team committed to increasing the levels of sales activity and effectiveness, as well as to the consistent use of the company's sales database.  Levels of sales activity rose swiftly, with many more potential customers being meet.  Everybody won - he company got strong revenue growth and the sales people morecommissions.

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