March 05, 2009

The obstacles to picking up the phone to your contacts and prospects

You know it needs to be done.  You need to pick up the phone to call old and new contacts alike, and to start telling them about your business.  It is the only way you will survive the slowdown, but yet it is so easy to keep putting it off.

We have made a list of all the obstacles that can get in the way of doing what needs to be done.  The list is long.  In our view all the objections are real and genuine.  But they can also be easily overcome. 

The objective of the list is not to deter you from getting started, or to make it seem harder than it actually is.  The objective is to show that everybody has to overcome the same issues.  However, the difference is that those that are successful don't let the obstacles stop them.

The list will guide you in terms of the preparation you can undertake to get started and keep going.  That will make the task easier and your efforts more effective.

Here is the list:Publish Post

1.       Who will I call?  How do I know who is worth calling?  

2.       What will I say?   Can't I just email?

3.       What is the message?

4.       What do I want to sell?

5.       I need a reason to call, what is it?

6.       I don't want to seem pushy

7.       I don't want to be an interruption, or a nuisance

8.       Should I send something (e.g. a letter) first

9.       I don't feel comfortable doing it

10.   I don't have the personality for it

11.   I am no good at it

12.   I hate cold calling

13.   I don't have the time

14.   What if I get asked something and I don't know the answer

15.   It is not my job

16.   It not what I trained for

17.   I don't have the skills

18.   There is no point – it won't work

19.   I don't like talking about work with my social contacts

20.   What if I mess up?

21.   How many times should I call before giving up?

22.   I need a brochure to send

23.   I need a web page to point people to

24.   What is the next step if somebody is interested?

25.   Should I try to sell on the phone?

26.   My contacts are too few, or too junior

27.   Where can I get a list?

28.   How much homework should I do before calling?

29.   Should I write out and rehearse what am going to say?

30.   Should I leave a voicemail?

31.   What to say to the receptionist or PA?

32.   What if the person is not interested?

33.   What if the person does not have any business for us?

34.   How much time should I spend on it?

35.   What kind of a record do I need to keep of the calls?

36.   I Need a database, or CRM system

37.   How do I schedule next actions arising from the calls?

38.   How do I know if it is worth keeping in touch with a particular contact?

39.   How do I keep in touch with the contact?  

40.   How long do I leave the next call/contact?

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