March 01, 2009

What would help your sales team to maximise its success?

– More effective leadership (including leading by example)
– Clearer lines of responsibility
– Involving and engaging the team
– Greater appreciation and recognition
– Improved communication & openness
– Creation of a high-trust culture
– Greater clarity of direction
– Encourage greater innovation & creativity
– Delegation of responsibility and the empowerment of staff
– More effective administration, organisation & planning
– Remove barriers to increased effectiveness (as perceived by the team)
– Improved team work, team spirit, etc.
– More sales support (administration, lead generation, technical, etc)
– Easier to use sales systems (to track and manage leads, meetings,
cycles, orders, etc)
– Revised sales structures (e.g. more effective sales meetings, or
revised reporting arrangements)
– Training & investing in people
– Revised rewards & incentives
– Sales process changes (addressing the issue of sales effectiveness)
– Remove false expectations and limiting beliefs (e.g. nobody is
buying at the moment)
– Greater visibility

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