March 01, 2009

The most common problems with sales & marketing plans

1. Not specific enough about what is going to be done and when (action
plan, dates, costs, deadlines, etc.)
2. Not enough marketing and strategic validation, insufficient
objective information and input
3. Not flexible enough to respond to changing market circumstances
(time horizon is too long and review processes are inadequate)
4. Writing a thesis versus setting direction, making decisions,
generating consensus, empowerment, etc.
5. Insufficient bottom-up involvement (involve customers and staff) –
traditional process for writing plans is not the best means of
collaboration in the new era)
6. Cross functional – align sales and marketing
7. Process is more important than the plan
8. Trade-offs not explicit – strategy is not clear
9. What is the purpose of the plan / the audience


Trip Allen said...

Experience shows that the biggest problem with sales & marketing plans is the lack of true sales & marketing integration.

Marketing does what they believe is right and says "Those salespeople are rebels. They do their own thing." Sales hits the streets with what they believe the client will buy and says "Those marketing people are living in a dream world."

These 2 groups need to intergate better to bring better business results to their company- otherwise marketing becomes a big, black hole.

Trip Allen, Team Egyii, Singapore

Trip Allen said... stated it in #6.
6. Cross functional – align sales and marketing

Trip Allen, Team Egyii, Singapore