March 09, 2009

The key questions asked about Sales Meetings

Here are the common questions that arise in respect of sales meetings.  Answering them will help make sure you are fully prepared:

Should I push to get a meeting when I am talking to a prospect?

Should I confirm the meeting in advance?

What preparation do I need to do before the meeting?  How long should I spend preparing for the meeting?

How do I make sure that I only meet people who are prospects?

How to ensure that I don't end up meeting 'tyre-kickers'?

Can I get away with just doing a teleconference, or webinar?

How do I provide the prospect with a valid reason to meet?

How do I make sure that the person being met gets something from the meeting?

Who should be in control of the meeting?

What proportion of the time should I spend talking?

Should I go to the meeting on my own, or should I bring a colleague?

Should I give a presentation?

Should I tailor the approach to each company visited?

How long should the presentation last for?

What are the tips for a successful presentation?

How much preparation will be required?

Should I use a laptop, or printed slides?

How should I act in the meeting?

What are the most common mistakes that I should Avoid?

How much social talk is required?

Should I send an agenda?

Should I ask everybody in the room what their role is?

How long should the meeting last for?

How do I keep the meeting on track?

How do I wrap up the meeting?

What should be the objectives of the meeting?

How many meetings are required?

How many people should be at the meeting (buyer side)?

How many people should be at the meeting (seller side)?

Who should lead the meeting?  How should others be involved?

How to make the meeting as effective as possible?

How to prequalify the customer?

What sales aides are required?

Do I need to have a brochure, etc?

How do I make sure I am meeting the right person?

What questions should I ask?

How to deal with customer questions and objections?

How to come across as more confident?

How to come across as less of a sales person?

How to communicate a lot of information in a short space of time?

Do I need a factfind?

How much details should we get into?

What should be done after the meeting?

How do I get the customer to open up?

How can I build rapport?

What do you do when you just don't 'hit it off' with the person you are meeting?

How do I deal with somebody who is nasty, or rude?

How do I avoid being seen as a salesperson selling something?  How do I position myself as an expert?  

How do I really ensure the customer is interested?

How do I know if it is not going to well, and what can I do to turn it around?

How quickly afterwards do I respond?

How to make sure the meeting does not just go nowhere?

What is the next step?

What if it is not going well?

What is it that buyers want to hear?

How do I know if I am wasting my time?

How do you know if the meeting went well?

Should I include a demo in the meeting?  What should the demo cover?  How long should it last?

Should we discuss price at the meeting?

What I if get asked questions I cannot answer?

Do I need to leave something behind (e.g.  a brochure)?

How quickly do I need to complete any of the follow-ups required?

Should I prepare a proposal if asked to do so at the first meeting?

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