September 25, 2008

Can salespeople learn anything from the US presidential candidates?

Ordinarily I am not one for politics or more precisely politicians, but the ability to sell an idea, hope, or change is something that gets my attention.  For that reason I have been observing the Obama campaign looking for parallels for those of us in sales:

1. The powerful 'yes we can, yes we can' is highly effective. 

1.       Obama is selling the most precious commodity in the world – hope.  Yes, he talks about challenges, but the focus is on the future within reach.  His 'yes we can'  rallying call is highly effective.

Too often as sales people we focus on what the buyer's problems as opposed to the solution.  We readily focus on what they are doing wrong in order to build a case for our solution. 

'Yes you can and I am going to help you' is the message I want to use more often with my customers!

2.       2. Obama is an excellent communicator - his delivery is confident and polished, his style is engaging and with his words carefully chosen (well almost always!).  It is getting harder and harder for us sales people to get and keep the buyers attention, or to effectively communicate why our solution is better than the competition.  More than ever a sales person must be an excellent communicator.


3.       3. Obama employs well placed and evocative stories.  They add great impact, reinforce the key points and help people to identify with his message.  Great sales people are also good story tellers.  Customer stories are the most credible and compelling way to communicate about our solutions.


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