September 23, 2008

What is the number 1 job of a sales manager?

What is the number one job of a sales manager?  To meet target I hear you say.  Well, yes it is, of course.  But if that is the end result, how is it most effectively achieved? 

Key tasks for the manager include; finding the best people, managing the sales team and setting strategy.   There is no question these are important, but they are not the secret of high performing sales teams. 

The most successful sales managers and directors see their primary role as that of coach and mentor to the sales team.  That is how they get great performance from their sales people.

Coaching means helping sales people perform at their best - to set personal and well as professional goals, identify opportunities to increase performance, boost activity levels and enhance skills.  It entails a lot more than being a manager, or holding monthly sales meetings.

A sales coach spends time quality one to one time with the members of his team - listening, asking questions, offering suggestions and sharing experiences/insights.   He or she spends time with sales people in the field, understanding their opportunities and challenges and shaping as well as clarifying their goals and priorities.  That is how he/she unlocks the true performance potential of his team.

Ray Collis

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