September 24, 2008

Does your customer really ‘get it’?

Sales people often complain that although they have a 'great product, or service' the customer fails to realise, or appreciate it – 'the customer just doesn't get it!'

If you think about it logically there can be two possible reasons. First, you don't have as good a product or service as you think, or secondly (and more likely) you have simply failed to get the message across about how great you, or solution are.

Now, I look through hundreds of web sites and marketing brochures every month and I also sit through lots of sales presentations. I never fail to be amazed how many of the companies are actually under-selling what they have to offer. They fall way short of giving the customer a compelling reason to buy.

If you want your customer to realise how good you really are then take another look at your sales pack, web site, marketing brochures, etc and make the following 5 changes:

1. Focus on providing solution to the customers problems, as opposed to a product / technology

2. Communicate business impact of your solution, as opposed to the features

3. Quantify the benefits as a result of your solution

4. Tailor the message to different verticals / segments (as opposed to one message or one website for all)

5. Tell more stories (in particular stories that relate to the top 5 problems, or advantages of your solution

What is the end result of all this? Well it makes it easier for the customer to buy

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