September 21, 2008

Don't let anything distract you from your sales tasks

Did you ever notice how
101 things will arise during the week to distract you from the sales activities you had planned - calling that prospect, arranging that meeting, following up on that proposal, asking for that referral, etc.

Managers continually tell us that although
sales is priority number 1, more urgent but less important activities continuously strive to put it in second, third or fourth place.

Raising funding, completing the business plan, preparing for the management meeting, sorting out a delivery problem - all noble tasks but ultimately futile unless the revenue keeps flowing in.

Remember even a full time sales person gets to spend only a small proportion (around 25%) of their week selling on the phone, or face to face. We all need to make a firm resolve to spend time on sales related activities.

So starting this week, make a new determination with me -
not to leave what matters most (selling) at the mercy of what matters less (administration, paperwork, returning calls, etc.).

Block time out of your diary,
whether it is two half days or two full days - that is time uninterrupted by meetings, visitors, phone calls, or emails, for making your sales calls, following-up on enquiries, etc.

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