September 21, 2008

Think twice before admitting that half your marketing is wasted!

Many managers joke that half their marketing is wasted, they just don't know which half.  In reality however if half your marketing is wasted you are only half doing your job.  

Imagine a factory manager admitting that only half of what was produced worked, or an accountant saying that only half of the company's accounts were accurate.  They would quickly be out of a job!  So why should marketing be different.  

Yes, marketing can be a little hard to measure, but not impossible.  In particular the trend from traditional mass marketing to one to one contact with buyers and decision makers have enabled a revolution.  We call it Sales-Led Marketing - it is the approach employed by those companies who accelerate sales growth.

Everyday we listen to sales managers and their teams side-swipe at marketing, either for the quality of leads, the accuracy of lists or the effectiveness of sales collateral.  Sales led marketing is an end to the 'them and us' approach that has existed for too long.

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