September 21, 2008

Its Time for Sales-Led Marketing

To get the most from their marketing, managers are adopting an increasingly Sales-Led approach to marketing

Everybody knows that marketing has a role to play, but in most companies what exactly that is has not been clear. 

In so many companies a mismatch of expectations results in frequent complaints from sales about the; leads, lists, materials, messages, etc. generated by marketing.  

Marketing always adept at identifying and meeting the needs of its customers has recognised that its primary customer is the sales team. The result is a sales-led approach to marketing.

Sales-Led Marketing is a move away for expensive and inherently difficult to measure mass marketing, such as advertising and trade shows.   

Instead it
focuses on the same target lists as the sales team, thereby directly supporting its sales activities for this quarter and next.

At its core is a
systematic programme of one 2 one contact with senior managers and decision makers in companies that meet the criteria.  

That contact entails an integrated programme of contact by telephone, email, newsletter, whitepaper, invitations to seminars, events and webinars, etc.  

All this is
personally targeted at specified senior managers in those target organizations and supports the present sales activities of the sales team as well as building awareness and interest among the prospects of the future.  


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