September 23, 2008

Generating more enquiries from the web – the rest of the steps to follow

How well your web site performs in terms of generating leads and enquiries for your business is largely in your own hands.  In the 2nd of two posts, here are steps 6 – 12 for optimizing your web site (if you missed steps 1-5 just click here).

1.      6. Restructure your site and rewrite your website 's text to reflect the key words you have chosen.  That means renaming pages to correspond with the keywords, changing headings in the body and writing copy itself that includes them.

2.       7. Add links to your site from sites of similar content and request back links to your site from others.  To do this you could add your name to various internet directories, join a links exchange.  However, it is the popularity or quality of links to your site that matters not the quantity.

3.       8. Add content that is interesting, relevant and fresh.  Transform your site from an online ad, or brochure, to a source of valuable information for potential visitors.  Use this content to contribute to blogs and other sites. Put articles, opinion pieces and whitepapers on to various portals and sites.

4.       9. Register your site with Google and other search engines and keep registering it on a regular basis.  Submit a site map.

5.       10. Add a blog or forum, again packed with the right keywords and back links and actively submit to 3rd party forums adding back links to your own pages. 

6.      11. Add more stuff.  Use a newsletter with links to your site.  Add a u tube video and see how quickly it will appear in a search under your company.  You can do this by taking your company's sales presentation and adding a voice over.   Add your company to Wikipedia, linked-in and so on.  Also adding FAQs to your site can be effective.

7.       12. Experiment with buying a certain number of clicks, or visitors to your site.  When you buy from Google Adwords and others you need only pay for visitors to your site, as opposed to for the showing of your ad, so it can be well worth doing.


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