September 23, 2008

It is not the recession that worries me, it is sense of helplessness that often goes with it

Almost everybody is talking about recession.  That is everybody except those sales managers most determined to meet target.

The newspaper, radio and television may be screaming RECESSION, but a downturn in the market doesn't have to mean a fall off in your sales.  That is unless you believe it will. 

The real danger is that talk of a slowdown can quickly become a self fulfilling prophecy.  So every time you hear the word recession; pick up the phone to a prospect, make a sales call, get a referral, or take some other action that has the potential to contribute to your pipeline. 

Last week the CEO of a young company reported to investors on progress with respect of sales.  Although the results were reasonable, the CEO began by talking about the slowdown in the market.  To the audience it sounded like an excuse, their response was to work harder.

Remember, even during a recession there are still products being bought and sold.  Maybe the market is not going to grow on last year, but that does not mean your sales need take a downturn. 

So, instead of worrying about a reduction in demand, increase your level of sales activity, as well the effectiveness of your sales activity.

Seize the opportunity from your competitors who are dazed by the changing fortunes of the market.  Help your customers guard against a slowdown too by showing how your solution can protect its revenues or controls its costs.

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